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The Power of Propaganda

 Library Fellows Exhibition

Online Exhibition: Power of Propaganda
Fellowship: Project Proposal 
Fellows Cases/Statements:
Justine Hong - War Propaganda
Jorge Salles Diaz - Propaganda of Oppression
McKalee Steen - Environmental Propaganda
David Zou - College Recruitment Propaganda

About the Project

Propaganda uses words and images to convey a message. Its persuasive nature makes it powerful. Historically, propaganda has been able to control what we think; we want to reckon with this power and expose its mechanisms, objectives, and forms in different contexts and purposes. Instant access to images and media means we need to question what we see. This is evident with the emergence of terms like “fake news” and “post-truth.” Though propaganda is inescapable, by understanding its nuances, we can better identify its impact on our behavior. Our goal is to lift off the facade; to reveal the multifaceted functions of propaganda. This exhibit explores the diversity of propaganda in varied forms. Are you under the influence?

Buchanan Library Fellows - Spring 2018


About the Fellows

Working as a team, undergraduates Justine Hong, Jorge Salles Diaz, Mckalee Steen, and David Zou created an exhibit that explores the diversity of propaganda in varied forms.