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Helguera Colombiana Independence Project (1790-1830)

About the Project

The pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers and programas in the J. León Helguera Collection form one of Vanderbilt’s most significant special collections and one of the most important Colombian collections worldwide. The Helguera collection provides special insights into the social, political, and cultural life of Latin America through ephemeral materials that few collectors retained. Many of these resources are not held in the national archive in Colombia and many are unique to Vanderbilt. This project built on a previous fellow’s work in 19th century pamphlets to create a new digital collection of early 20th century materials with an exhibit highlighting principal themes and issues in Colombia’s more recent history. The Helguera collection of pamphlets from 1900-1935 consists of over 1,500 items and is wide ranging in scope. It includes topics such as: the Panama Canal and secession, presidential messages, government reports, literature, civil war, border disputes, mining, railroads, industry, race, indigenous issues, and homages to heroes.

Andrea Delgado

About the Fellow

Andrea Delgado worked with Jessica Fletcher to create an online exhibition and resource for the J. León Helguera Papers, a recent acquisition that builds on the Library’s strengths in Latin American Studies. She selected objects for scanning, wrote metadata and interpretive text, and wrote essays on the topics of early medicine and smallpox vaccinations and the life of Antonio José Sucre. She presented on her work to library staff.

Fellowship: Helguera Colombiana Independence Project (1790-1830)