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Wisdom Digitized, Wisdom Multiplied


Nadejda Webb and Queen Stevenson present their project.

Fellowship: Project Proposal

"The practical aspect of building a code that completely mapped this project out allowed me to develop a technological muscle I had never used before. …I appreciate the format provided within the Dean’s Fellows’ program of goals sets within a two-week frame, followed by a problem-solving session and the setting of new goals. I recommend the Library Dean’s Fellowship as a means to experiment as to your own interests and study digital humanities."  — Nadejda Webb

About the Project

Nadejda Webb and Queen Stevenson developed and tested a phone tree that will help older adults, and other communities, in local and far-flung locations typically marginalized by the digital divide, to use their telephones to listen to, interact with, and contribute to our Voices from Our America (VFOA) and Wisdom of the Elders (WOE) digital archives. The fellows coded the questions and decision paths using Neo4j, a graph database, to visualize and analyze the phone tree.

Nadejda Webb

About the Fellow

Nadejda Webb is a first year graduate student in Vanderbilt's English PhD program. As an undergraduate at CUNY Hunter College, she was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and a Pipeline Fellow. She is currently interested in hegemony and critical race theory. She mainly focuses on 20th and 21st century African American literature but also sees investments of her work within the "post"-colonial. Nadejda presented her project at the Central Library on April 22, 2016.