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Mapping Access

Mapping Access

Poster for Accessibility Map-a-Thon

Article: “Accessbility Map-a-Thon will create map of VU’s inclusive spaces”
Fellowship: Project Proposal

About the Project

Leah Samples drew upon geospatial data, participatory research, urban cartography, and new mobile technologies to map sites and strategies for accessibility on the Vanderbilt campus. She organized a campus-wide data collection event or mapathon that drew campus participation to identify geospatial points associated with special access, Leah began by developing a protocol with input from campus focus groups, looking at which areas of campus they wanted to make more accessible. Leah then tested the Redcap accessibility survey with 10 focus groups on Peabody campus. Finally, the survey was used in the mapathon, where 120 participants collected data on 50% of the campus buildings, listened to presentations on accessibility and shared progress via social media. Once the data is cleaned, Tessa Eidelman will create code in Github to make the public map.

Leah Samples

About the Fellow

Leah Samples is a M.Ed. student in the community development & action program. Her research interests center on the intersection of disability and technology, as well as qualitative methods. Leah is specifically interested in barriers to participation and citizenship in the lives of disabled people. Outside of school she enjoys trying new restaurants, competing in local trivia competitions and getting together with friends.