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Linked Data from the Medieval Middle East

Fellowship: Project Proposal

"Personally, I had no prior experience with coding or the concept of linked open data, but my time as a Dean’s Fellow gave me several new skills, such as encoding data and RDF and querying data with SPARQL, as well as a much deeper understanding of the questions that drive the collaboration which is at the heart of digital humanities."  — Alex Ayris

About the Project

The project significantly enhanced the data of by creating new datasets and tools using Linked Open Data. We created a dataset in RDF, set up a Stardog database to hold and query it, shared our data with partner projects, and even created ways to visualize the data. This project made scholarly information freely available and greatly enhanced the ability of scholars to make new connections between historical datasets. Click here for more on the fellowship project.

Alex Ayris

About the Fellow

Alex Ayris is a third-year PhD candidate in the religion department, focusing on historical studies. His primary interests are religion and politics in early modern England, Reformation Europe, and Western political thought from the ancient to the early modern period. His dissertation research examines religious and political polemic in Elizabethan England.