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Bioimages: a Semantic Web Resource

About the Project

The Bioimages database and website is a unique resource created by Vanderbilt professor Steve Baskauf. It consists of a collection of high quality images that help students learn about plants, ecoregions and ecodiversity. In addition to collecting multiple images of over three thousand individual plants and trees representing over one thousand taxa, the data is coded in RDF, the semantic web metadata standard. Until now, the current website was not been able to take advantage of this rich metadata as there have not been tools or resources available to create linked data queries or interfaces. The potential, however, to create an enriched user interface using the semantic web enabled open source linked data management system, Callimachus, was great, given the quality of the metadata encoding. Sean worked with faculty and staff to import and explore the Bioimages dataset in Callimachus. He helped construct meaningful queries of the data using the SPARQL query language and helped develop a user interface for the Biomages dataset.

Sean King

About the Fellow

Sean King  is a senior in the Department of Biological Sciences honors program, with a major in molecular and cellular biology and a minor in chemistry. He is currently a member of the Rokas Lab where his research focuses on the genomics of secondary metabolism in microbial eukaryotes. His thesis describes interspecies horizontal gene transfer and variations in the acquisition, expression and maintenance of clustered genes that encode complex metabolic pathways involved in the production of antibiotic and toxic biomolecules. Following graduation, he plans on pursuing a PhD in the field of genomics.