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Historical Tour of the University

  Map Detail of the Historical Tour of the University

Detail of one of the buildings featured in the Vanderbilt campus tour.

Project website: Historical Tour of the University
Fellowship: Project Proposal

"The project was tough and challenging at times but it was not too difficult. The project allowed me to integrate and synthesize a few of the different skills I've developed. It also allowed me to add a few more skills to my toolbox."  — Robert Steiner

About the Project

This goal of this project was to create a historic tour of the campus which would offer self-guided tours of some of the historic buildings and some of the events in locations where they happened. Robert worked with the university architect, archives, historians, etc. to create/compile information about points of interest accessible by tablet/mobile device via embedded QR codes. He selected images from the University Photographic Archives and verified information from Campus Planning records and the University Archives. Powered by GPS technology, the tour offers accurate turn-by-turn directions to historic attractions, monuments and interesting sights as well as some of the hidden gems on campus like the Tomb of the Three Bishops; as if you had brought along a Vanderbilt tour guide.

Robert C.P. Steiner

About the Fellow

Robert C.P. Steiner is a first-year candidate for Master of Education in human development counseling. He holds his J.D. from the University of Wyoming and an M.S. in family financial planning & counseling and B.A. in history and political science, cum laude, from the University of Alabama. Robert is the recipient of the Peabody College Dean’s Tuition Scholarship and numerous past scholarships and awards.

Robert presented his project at the Association of Research Libraries Leadership Fellows Institute at Vanderbilt University. Robert also presented on his project at the November 2014 All Staff meeting.