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Vanderbilt Libraries Special Collections Topics in Wikipedia

Deans Fellows presentation to the ARL

The Deans Fellows present their projects at Association of Research Libraries Leadership Fellows Institute at Vanderbilt University

Report: Wikipedia:Meetup/Nashville/Vanderbilt Edit-A-Thon 2013
Fellowhip: Project Proposal

"I must say I greatly appreciated and enjoyed the various meetings and events that Dean Dowell invited us to!"  — Yun Cha

About the Project

Wikipedia, the open source online encyclopedia, has become a major source of factual information during the past decade. A Wikipedia edit-a-thon brings together students, librarians, faculty members, and members of the Wikipedia community at large to develop articles belonging to a certain shared topic. Yun identified articles related to our special collections that did not yet exist or needed improvement in Wikipedia, identified relevant primary and secondary source materials in Special Collections, worked with curators to digitize images to supplement written articles, coordinated with Wikipedia administrators, and advertised the edit-a-thons to the Vanderbilt community.

Yun Cha

About the Fellow

Yun Cha is a junior majoring in Sociology. A member of the Sociology Department Honors program, Yun is also a College Scholar and a member of Collegiate Leadership Vanderbilt. He has worked as a teaching assistant at the Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages in South Korea and attended the International Summer Institute at Seoul National University.

Yun presented his project at the Association of Research Libraries Leadership Fellows Institute at Vanderbilt University. Yun also presented on his project at the November 2014 All Staff meeting.