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  Name Library Unit Phone
Ann Mallette Cataloging, Metadata and Preservation Services 615-343-1968
Melissa Mallon Peabody Library, Research and Learning 615-322-3147
Sara Manus Music Library 615-322-8686
Scott Martin Administration 615-936-6783
Russ Mason Television News Archive 615-343-7433
Laura Matthews Cataloging, Metadata and Preservation Services 615-343-1250
Lara McClintock Television News Archive 615-343-8042
Cheryl McClure Cataloging, Metadata and Preservation Services 615-322-0159
Dan McCollum Biomedical Library 615-936-6176
James McCullough Administrative Services 615-438-7231
Joyce McDavid Law Library 615-343-5465
Jamen McGranahan Library Technology and Digital Services 615-343-1614
Pamela Morgan Central Library 615-343-3081
Juanita Murray Special Collections and University Archives 615-322-2807

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