Major Publications

Southern Politics in State and Nation. V.O. Key, Jr. with the assistance of Alexander Heard, 1949.
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Southern Primaries and Elections. Compiled and edited by Alexander Heard and Donald S. Strong, 1950.
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A Two-Party South? Alexander Heard, 1952.

Money and Politics. Alexander Heard, 1956.

The Costs of Democracy. Alexander Heard, 1960.
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The Lost Years in Graduate Education. Alexander Heard, 1963.

State Legislatures in American Politics. Contributed to and edited by Alexander Heard, 1966.

Voters' Time: Report of the Twentieth Century Fund Commission on Campaign Costs in the Electronic Era. Co-authored by Alexander Heard, 1969.

Presidential Selection. Edited by Alexander Heard and Michael Nelson, 1987.

Made in America: Improving the Nomination and Election of Presidents. Alexander Heard with Scarlett G. Graham and Kay L. Hancock, 1991.

Speaking of the University: Two Decades at Vanderbilt. Alexander Heard, 1995.
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