Chancellor Heard and Impact

Impact BrochureIn 1964 through Chancellor Heard's insistence there started a series of organized student forums involving outside speakers. Impact as it was called was a self-supporting event in which students chose a critical topic and selected speakers from across the nation to talk and deliberate on the issues.

Not without controversy, Impact raised consciousness on campus and provided the students a forum to discuss the issues that fomented tension at universities across the United States.

Most notably in 1967, the Board of Trust requested that the invitation given to Stokely Carmicheal be rescinded. Chancellor Heard and the students refused to back down, and the speech went on as planned.

Since the turbulent 1960s, Impact has continued to be a student planned event bringing in politicians, social activists, and other high profile officials. Impact is considered one of Chancellor Heard's lasting legacies and is an example of what can be accomplished when institutions invite students to participate in a dialogue about national and world events in a free and open atmosphere.