Early Years

Alexander Heard, 1 year old

Alexander Heard
Savannah, Georgia
1 year old

Alexander Heard, 26 months old

Alexander Heard
Savannah, Georgia
26 months old

Boy Scouts First Aid Kit

Official First Aid Kit, Boy Scouts of America, c. 1928. Alexander Heard was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 11, Savannah, Georgia. He earned 22 merit badges and was a senior patrol leader and a Star Scout.

Order of the Golden Fleece

Order of the Golden Fleece, honorary society at the University of North Carolina.

Scholarship Newspaper Clipping

In 1938, Alexander Heard received a scholarship to Columbia University.

1939 Letter to Henry Reining, Jr.

Served as an administrative officer in the Health Division of the United Pueblos Agency, United States Indian Service, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Indian Affairs Newpaper Clipping

Newspaper clipping regarding appointment to Department of Interior, Division of Indian Affairs. c1939

Telegram, March 1943

American Vice Consul and Assistant to the Chief, Economic Warfare Division at the American Embassy in Quito, Ecuador.

Alexander Heard in his embasy office in Quito, Ecuador 1942

Alexander Heard in his embassy office in Quito, Ecuador, 1942.

Marriage Announcement 1949

Announcement of the wedding of Jean Keller and Alexander Heard on June 17, 1949 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Marraige Newspaper Clipping

Newspaper announcement of the wedding Jean Keller and Alexander Heard.

Wedding Photo

Wedding portrait of Jean and Alexander Heard.

Newspaper Clipping on UNC Appointment

In 1950, Alexander Heard joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina as Associate Professor of Political Science. In 1958 he was named Dean of the Gradaute School, a position he held until being elected Chancellor of Vanderbilt University in 1963.

Heard Family, 1958

The Heard family in 1958, L to R: Connie, Alexander, Frank, Jean, Kit (Christopher), and Stephen.

Jean Heard 1962

Violinist Jean Heard, August 9, 1962.

Christmas Program 1964

Heard family Christmas program, December 23, 1964.