Civic Activities

Chancellor Heard and President Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy is presented with the report Financing Presidential Campaigns by Alexander Heard and Herbert E. Alexander, April 18, 1962. Chancellor Heard was Chairman of the President's Commission on Campaign Costs.

Lyndon Johnson Letter

A letter from President Lyndon Johnson thanking Chancellor Heard for his participation on the President's Commission on Campaign Costs, July 13, 1964.

White House Name Card

Name card for Chancellor Heard for White House dinner on September 16, 1965.

White House Menu

Menu for White House dinner attended by Chancellor Heard, September 16, 1965.

White House Dinner Notes

Chancellor Heard's notes on a White House dinner, where he was the lead speaker for the table at which he was seated, September 16, 1965.

White House Office

Chancellor Heard and Vanderbilt University alumnus John Gaventa in the White House Executive Office Building during Heard's tenure as Special Advisor on Campus Affairs to the President of the United States, July 1, 1970.

Meet the Press 1970

Meet the Press, August 30, 1970. L to R: Charles Quinn, NBC education news reporter; James J. Kilpatrick, syndicated columnist; David E. Broder, The Washington Post; Lawrence E. Spivak, host of Meet the Press; Russ Ward, NBC presiding host; Chancellor Heard.

Forign Policy Foundation Album

Chancellor Heard was a member of the Study Commission on the United States Policy Toward Southern Africa of the Foreign Policy Study Foundation from 1979-1984 and its subsequent Study Group from 1985-1988.

Firing Line 1982

Firing Line episode recorded at the Opryland Hotel, November 11, 1982. L to R: Firing Line host William F. Buckley; Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander; Chancellor Heard; journalist John Seigenthaler.

Time Board of Directors Meeting

Time Magazine Board of Directors meeting, 1975. L to R: Matina Horner, Sol Linowitz, Chancellor Heard, and Tom Watson.

United Nations Visit to Nashville

United Nations visit to Nashville, June 6, 1976. Chancellor Heard and United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim at an event in the Vanderbilt Gymnasium.