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Presidents of Peabody College:
Sidney Clarence Garrison

Excerpted from "Death Comes to President Garrison" in The Peabody Reflector v18 n1 (January 1945): 4

Sidney Clarence GarrisonDeath has cut short the career of another Peabody president. President Garrison died in the early hours of January 18. He suffered a prolonged illness last spring and summer, an illness which at times became critical. His native strength, however, brought him through a sequence of crises and apparently he was almost fully recovered when the fall quarter opened. During the quarter he gave his full time and effort in directing the affairs of the College. He worked at his office always during the daylight hours and three times he made trips to Washington, Philadelphia, and New York. With one or two small reservations he seemed to have regained his former robustness.

But there were times when a close observer might have noticed a pallor and drawn look upon his face. It was known that his illness had endangered his heart, but it was thought that its improvement would be the reflex of his general recovery.

On Wednesday he worked all day at the College. In the late afternoon he issued a call for a faculty meeting on Friday. As he was leaving the building he stopped a few minutes in conversation with Dr. W. C. Jones. Then he went home. A little before two o'clock Mrs. Garrison noticed a strange quality in his breathing. She immediately went to him, but he was perhaps not alive then. The heart had collapsed under long accumulated strain.

Sidney Clarence Garrison was born in Lincolnton, North Carolina, October 17, 1887. He received the bachelor's degree from Wake Forrest in 1911 and after that served two years as superintendent of Lincoln County schools. In 1913 he received the M.A. degree from Wake Forrest and became principal of Crouse High School. In the fall of 1914 he came to Nashville to study psychology at Peabody College and medicine at Vanderbilt University. In 1916 he received a master's degree from Peabody. He had by that time become committed to the field of psychology. In 1916 he taught part time in the College and continued his graduate study. In 1917 he enlisted in the Army and presently rose to the rank of Captain in the Adjunct General's office. While working with the Psychological Department of the Army, he assisted in developing the widely used Army Alpha Intelligence Test. He returned to the College shortly following his detachment from the service, and in June, 1919, was awarded the doctorate. Immediately following that he was appointed professor of psychology in Peabody College. In 1934 he became dean of the Graduate School, in which position he continued until he was made president following the death of Dr. Bruce R. Payne. He was formally inducted into the presidency on February 4, 1938.