Who may use the lockers:
Anyone with a Vanderbilt ID card may use the lockers. There are two banks of lockers, both inside the library near the service desk.

Locks for the lockers:
Do not use your own personal padlock. We have keys for each locker. Check out a key at the service desk.

Term of use for the lockers:
Use will be short-term. Check out a key, and it will be due at 10 am the following day. You may check out the key for a week at a time; please ask at the desk for this exception . You may renew the key as long as no one else is waiting for a locker.

What happens if the key is overdue?
The library patron will be notified. If the key is not returned, there will be a cost of $10 to replace the key. In addition, overdue fines may apply. The key is a reserve item, and an overdue fine of $1.20 per hour may apply.