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AcqWeb (not up-to-date)
Aggregator Content Comparison
CUFTS Resource Comparison

Best Practices for Ejournals --Publication and Website Design Principles
ALA's Datebook
Cataloguing and Indexing of Electronic Resources

Ejournal Collections
Serials in Cyberspace : Collections, Resources, and Services, by Birdie MacLennan

Electronic Journals: A Selected Resource Guide

E-Resources Management Handbook

Journal Abbreviations
All that JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources

Periodical Radio by Steve Black

Preservation of E-content
LOCKSS -- a distributed content preservation system

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

IFLANET's Information Technology Standards and Organizations
SERU Shared Resource Understanding (Licensing)
PIE-J: Recommended Practices for the Presentation and Identification of E-Journals

ticTOCS -- Table of contents aggregration service

Web Pages of Technical Services/Cataloging Departments