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Colby College -- Technical Services Dept.
Cornell University -- Cornell University Library Technical Services Manual
Indiana University, Bloomington -- IO Catalog Management Dept.
Kansas State University -- Technical Services Dept.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- MIT Serials Cataloging Section
Memorial University of Newfoundland -- Cataloguer's Toolbox
Northeastern State University -- Technical Services Home Page
Northwestern University -- Serials Cataloging Dept. --
includes the Interactive Electronic Serials Cataloging Aid (IESCA) by Wei Zhang and John Blosser
Penn State -- Cataloging Department
Princeton University -- Technical Services Home Page
Queen's University -- Central Technical Services
Stanford University -- Technical Services
SUNY Buffalo -- Central Technical Services
University of California, Davis -- Serials Dept.
University of California, San Diego -- TPOT: Technical Processing Online Tools
University of Chicago -- Cataloging Dept.
University of Florida -- George A. Smathers Library Serials Unit
University of Maryland Libraries-- UM Libraries' Technical Services Division
University of Massachusetts, Amherst -- Cataloging
University of Virginia -- Cataloging Services Dept.
University of Washington -- Staff Home Page
Vanderbilt University -- Technical Services