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Dossier Contents
1) Jacky Jacky Sigaux. Press clippings, an artist's biography of Jacky Sigaux with specific information regarding Le Sea-Side Rendez-Vous, periodicals, season program (Café Théâtre de la Graine), letters from Jacky Sigaux.
2) Jouvet Louis Jouvet. G. S. notes, program, press clippings, photocopy of professional correspondence (from Théâtre Louis Jouvet to Claude Aveline), journal excerpts, a publication of the Comédie Champs-Élysées Théâtre Louis Jouvet, book advertisement.
3) Kanters Robert Kanters. Press clippings, journal excerpts.
4) Labiche-Documentation Eugène Labiche. G. S. notes, book advertisements, correspondence signed Eugène Labiche, photographs, typed manuscript with corrections, correspondence signed Claude Pichois, other correspondence (signatures illegible), book excerpt, photocopies of professional correspondence (from one of the French interior ministries to Labiche), typed list of collaborators, typed bibliographies of Labiche works (with notes), press clippings, typed chronology with corrections, typed transcript (newspaper).
5) Labiche-Chh 1-5 Chh 1-5: Typed and handwritten manuscripts with corrections, book excerpt. Chh 6 à 9: Book advertisement, book excerpt, typed and handwritten manuscripts.
6) Labiche-Chh 6 à 9
7) Labiche Eugène Labiche. Typed and handwritten manuscripts, program, individual folders, small book (a publication of la Comédie Française, about Labiche), G. S. notes, press clippings, invitation to a play.
8) Labiche-Oeuvres-Chron. I Works-Chron. I. Individual folders on different works, handwritten and typed copies of letters and newspaper articles, G. S. notes, journal excerpt, press clippings, typed manuscripts, book advertisement, invitation to special performance of a play, programs, photocopy of a book (La Grammaire by Alphonse Leveaux), periodicals, production photos (b&w).
9) Labiche-Correspondance Labiche - Correspondence. Labiche-related correspondence reproduced in chronological form, original handwritten letters dating from 1800's.
10) Labiche-TV Bound typed scripts of television productions with handwritten notes (La Famille de l'Horloge and La Chaine Anglaise -adaptation de G. S.), press clippings, G. S. notes.