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Dossier Contents
1) Garbo Greta Garbo. Two typed manuscripts - one with corrections (a translation by Patricia Sigaux of Nona Coxhead's work, Greta Garbo ).
2) Genève Geneva. Publisher catalogs (some printed and some typed, mostly of Edito Service S.A.), individual folders on people and businesses, much professional correspondence, book advertisement, G. S. notes, press clippings, photocopies, business documents, minutes of a meeting (Librairie Hachette).
3) Hébertot Jacques Hébertot. Program with notes, press clippings, periodical.
4) Histoire de la Presse History of Journalism. Typed supplement, periodicals, press clippings, printed biographical note cards, pamphlet with inserts (Centre de Formation des Journalistes), book and journal excerpts, individual folders on different French and American newspapers, G. S. notes.
5) Historiens-Critiques Historians-Critics. Book and journal excerpts, G. S. notes, individual folders relating to critics, professional correspondence (from Charles Chaplin Film Corporation to René Jeanne), typed biography of Georges Lerminier by G. S., typed manuscript relating to the life and death of Nepveu-Degas, bibliography of Jacques Polieri.
6) Humour-Th. Complements (?) Typed manuscript with corrections, press clippings, professional correspondence (from la Maison des Enfants to G. S.), book excerpt, G. S. notes.
7) Ibsen I Henrik Ibsen. I: Exhibition catalog with notes (Bibliothèque Nationale), typed manuscript, book and journal excperts, photocopy of journal excerpts, press clippings, G. S. notes. II: Individual folders on works, typed manuscript with corrections, typed manuscript, programs, invitations to plays, transcript (radio), G. S. notes, periodicals.
8) Ibsen II