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Dossier Contents
1) Bourdet Edward Bourdet. Press clippings, program, typed transcript (radio), periodical, individual folders for Bourdet's works, G. S. notes.
2) Bourges - Monnet "la Comédie de Bourges" and Gabriel Monnet. Press clippings, typed transcript, program, typed schedule for the '64-'65 season, typed manuscript for the '65 program, publicity photos, publications from the "Bourges Maison de Culture".
3) Bourseiller Antoine Bourseiller. Press clippings.
4) Romain Bouteille Press clippings, programs, journal excerpts, G. S. notes, periodicals, typed script for a video production, correspondence (invitation to a dress rehearsal).
5) Brassens Georges Brassens. Press clippings, periodicals, program.
6) Brecht 1 Bertolt Brecht. 1: Press clippings, G. S. notes, typed transcript, printed biographical notecard. 2: Press clippings, programs, playbill, G. S. notes, periodical, newsletter (Chaillot Théâtre National), book and journal excerpts, book advertisement page, typed transcript (radio).
7) Brecht 2
8) Brel: 1929-1978 Jacques Brel. Press clippings, programs, periodical, color photo.
9) Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA. Color photos, various personal and professional correspondence, press clippings, postcards of New Mexico, brochures, playbill, bulletins, paper place mats, G. S. notes.
10) Burnand Gaston Burnand. Personal and professional correspondence, typed outline, G. S. notes, folders relating to specific projects, address lists, book catalog pages.