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Dossier Contents
1) Alain Auraita Alain. Press clippings, bibliography, G. S. notes, typed transcript (radio), book advertisement and catalog pages, journal excerpts, handwritten note to G. S., periodical.
2) Ambigu Le Théâtre de l'Ambigu (ou l'Ambigu-Comique). Press clippings, two printed booklets (dated 1834 and 1847).
3) Apollinaire Guillaume Apollinaire. Press clippings, typed transcripts (radio), journal excerpts, book advertisements and catalog pages.
4) Architectes Architects. Press clippings - mostly devoted to Le Corbusier.
5) Aron Raymond Aron. Press clippings, printed invitation, periodical, journal excerpt, book reviews/newsletters, book advertisement and catalog pages.
6) Artaud Antonin Artaud. Press clippings, bibliography, handwritten chronology, periodical, journal excerpts, book advertisement pages.
7) Audiberti Jacques Audiberti. Press clippings, typed transcripts (radio), 2 small books, individual folders for Audiberti's works, book and journal excerpts, program.
8) Balzac I Honoré de Balzac. I: Correspondence signed M. Bouteron, pamphlet about "Bedouck" (Société Balzacienne), book and journal articles by Marcel Bouteron, many handwritten notes (citations, bibliography, etc.). II: Press clippings relating to Balzac and Balzacian Societies, typed transcript (radio), bookstore/publisher catalog with order form, journal excerpts, G. S. notes, 2 flyers ("Confraternité Universelle Balzacienne"). III: Press clippings, professional correspondence relating to Sigaux's 3-article contribution to the Oeuvres Complètes Illustrées de Balzac, G. S. notes, typed manuscript with handwritten notes/corrections - on Balzac's Maratre, bookstore catalog pages, typed transcript (radio), typed explanation of the "Oeuvres" with instructions to the contributing authors, blank contribution forms, periodicals, journal and book excerpts.
9) Balzac II
10) Balzac III