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Dossier Contents
1) Achard I Marcel Achard. I: Press clippings, correspondence (Marcel Achard to G. S., Juliette Achard to G. S.), one handwritten and several typed manuscripts with corrections, G. S. notes, biographical notecard, journal excerpts, publisher catalog and advertisement pages. II: G. S. notecards (with première production information), G. S. notes, Achard chronology, individual folders for Achard's works, book and journal excerpts, periodical, press clippings, programs, bookstore/publisher catalog pages.
2) Achard II
3) Adamov 1908-1970 Arthur Adamov. Press clippings, transcripts (of radio shows), periodical, book and journal excerpts, biographical notecard, individual folders for Adamov's works.
4) Albee Edward Albee. Press clippings, periodical, biographical notecard, journal excerpt, individual folders for Albee's works.
5) Anouilh I Jean Anouilh. I: Press clippings (general), journal excerpts, periodical, bookstore/publisher catalog pages and advertisements. II: Individual folders for Anouilh's works, press clippings, periodicals, programs, theater tickets, journal excerpts.
6) Anouilh II
7) Antoine André Antoine. Press clippings, letters signed Francis Pruner, correspondence signed André Antoine, book catalog pages, typed manuscript (speech?), book & journal excerpts.
8) Arden John Arden. Press clippings, periodical, typed transcript (radio), book catalog page.
9) Arout Gabriel Arout. Press clippings, book and journal excerpts, programs, periodicals, G. S. notes, typed transcript (radio).
10) Arrabal Fernando Arrabal. Press clippings, G. S. notes, typed transcript (radio), journal excerpts, Arrabal chronology, book advertisement.