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Dr. James Hutchinson Happel

Photographic portrait of Dr. James Hutchinson Happel, Class of 1893-1894.  Browse related items

Dr. William Rice Farris

Photographic portrait of Dr. William Rice Farris, Class of 1893-1894.

Dr. William Rice Farris
Class of 1893-94
By Shirley Farris Jones

William… Browse related items

Medical School Class Composite, 1894

Composite photograph depicting the 1894 graduates and faculty of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine and University of Nashville School of Medicine.

Letter from Dr. Ewing to William Rice Farris

Letter encouraging William Rice Ferris to recruit friends to attend the medical school. Browse related items

Admission ticket for William Rice Farris

Admission ticket for William Rice Farris for the Nashville City Hospital Browse related items

Catherine Avery

Katherine Avery's husband, Roy, was a professor of bacteriology at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953. This photograph appears to have been taken in a Vanderbilt laboratory. Browse related items

Roy and Catherine Avery

Roy Avery was professor of biochemistry at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953. Browse related items

William H. Witt

Photographic portrait of William H. Witt. William H. Witt (1866-1954) was a physician, teacher, and writer. He received his M.D. from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1894. He then was an Intern at the Poly Clinic in New York City in…


Public Health Nursing Students, 1935-36, Group Photo

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Public Health Nursing students, academic year 1935-1936, receiving degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing - June, 1936 Browse related items

Vanderbilt Cardiology Faculty and Fellows, 1985-1986

Photo of the Vanderbilt Cardiology Faculty and Fellows, 1985-1986

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