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Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 1943

The front exterior of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1943. This building is now known as Medical Center North and houses many administrative and laboratory offices for the hospital and school. The driveway is now a courtyard, and theā€¦ Browse related items

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Vanderbilt Hospital, Seen from Garland Ave., ca. 1925

View from Garland Avenue between the surgical wing on the left and the medical wing on the right. Note the covered walkways between the two wings.  Browse related items

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Vanderbilt Hospital Operating Room, ca 1925

Operating room, ca 1925. The door to the anesthesia room is to the left, and the door to the scrub-up room is to the right.  Browse related items

Post Card of Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine

A post card of the Vanderbilt medical complex, captioned: "Building Wing 42-4800."  Browse related items

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Vanderbilt University Hospital, 1927

Mounted print of an image of the Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine, 1927. Browse related items

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Vanderbilt Hospital Medical Ward, ca 1925

Medical ward with nurse's desk in the foreground.  Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital Waiting Room, ca 1925

Waiting room and admitting office of the out-patient department. Browse related items

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