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The W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies

The collection provides a resource for scholars to consult material about Charles Baudelaire's life, works, and related studies. Visiting scholars have the opportunity to research the collection in topics such as Baudelaire's influence on literature and the visual arts, urban history, modernity, synesthesia, and popular culture.

The Bandy Center's most important holdings consist of:

• First editions of Baudelaire's works

• Journal and newspapers which first published his writings

• Collected editions of his works

• Materials on Baudelaire and related topics

• Translations of Baudelaire's works into various languages

• Illustrated editions

The critical focus of the collection is an exhaustive bibliography of writings by and about Charles Baudelaire. Titles of books and ephemera in the Bandy Center are available through the W.T. Bandy Center Web site, Baudelaire database, and the library catalog, Acorn. Current information is added to the Recensement Bibliographique and available from the Bandy Center Web site under Publications.

Pascal Pia Collection

Pascal Pia (1903-1979), literary critic, poet, and editor, occupied a prominent place in twentieth-century French literary and intellectual circles. The Pascal Pia Collection contains French literary works, journals, and ephemera. Many of the publications are from the modern period, with emphasis on prose and poetry since the mid-nineteenth century. There are a number of signed copies are in the collection; personal gifts of such major authors as Albert Camus and André Malraux, both good friends of Pascal Pia.

The Pascal Pia Collection is a unique resource for those interested in the avant-garde and in the relationship of literature and the arts. A reviewer commented that "The Collection of twentieth century poetry is most remarkable...Of undoubtedly the greatest value is the collection of periodicals. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries many of the significant literary contributions were made in so-called...little magazines...I have never seen a collection of such periodicals as exquisite as the Pia Collection. Many titles are very, very rare indeed..."

Gilbert Sigaux Collection

Gilbert Sigaux (1918-1982) was an author, translator, professor of theater history at the Conservatoire national d'art dramatique in Paris, and secretary of the Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques. Over many years, Sigaux gathered an enormous personal library of play texts, books, and other valuable documents on the theater.

The Gilbert Sigaux Collection contains about 6,000 volumes, including monographs, theater journals, and primary texts, as well as almost 75,000 items on authors, directors, actors, and theaters. These files contain such items as press clippings, programs, publicity releases, Sigaux's personal notes, and articles from journals.

"The collection represents," according to Dan M. Church, Emeritus Professor of French, "the single most valuable resource for research on theater in France in the twentieth century."

Morris Wachs Collection

The collection of Emeritus Professor of French at Vanderbilt University, Morris Wachs (1921-2001), is particularly rich in rare popular fiction of the eighteenth century. This material is representative of the Enlightenment, ranging from orientalism, satire, novels, epistolary fiction, and almanacs, to fictional travel accounts. The collection provides an insight into the popular taste of eighteenth-century French literature.