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The Languages of Revolution




Loretta Valtz Mannucci
The Look of Revolution: Presentation and Representation in the American Revolution

Mechal Sobel
Revolutionary Dreams and Nightmares: Messages in the Night?

Susanna Delfino
<< Lawless People from Habit & Education>>:
Authority and Popular Sovereignty across the American Revolution

Donald G. Mathews
Women and Evangelicalism in the Early 19th Century Unites States

Michael Zuckerman
The Color of Counterrevolution: Thomas Jefferson and the Rebellion in San Domingo

Malcolm Sylvers
Another Time, Another Place: Thomas Jefferson and/on the Eve of the French Revolution

Sylvia Ullmo
The Love and Hate Relationship of an American Aristocrat with the French Revolution:
Gouverneur Morris's Diary and Letters

Daniel Roche
Revolutionary Appearance or the Revolution of Appearances

Lynn Hunt
Family Narrative and Political Discourse in Revolutionary France and America

Olivier Le Cour Grandmaison
Passive Citizens, or the Reasonless Poor during the French Revolution,1789-1791

Keith Michael Baker
Sieyès and the Creation of the French Revolutionary Discourse

Roberto Martucci
The Abstract Nature of the Reforms of the Constituent Assembly:
A New Look at the Language of Criminal Law in Revolutionary France

Erica Joy Mannucci
Revolution and the Last judgement

Giuseppe Ricuperati
The Changing Image of << The People>> in Italian Spaces
from the Crisis of the Ancien Règime to the Revolution

Anthony Pagden
Old Constitutions and Ancient Indian Empires:
Juan Pablo Viscardo and the Languages of Revolution in Spanish America

Eric Foner
Languages of Change: Sources of Black Ideology during the Civil War and Reconstruction

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